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We are the B family... Dad ex-military, Mum charity worker and two very busy boys still with us, now aged 8 and 15, the eldest does a lot of the donkey work for me (with pocket money incentive) and the little one is a bit gun-ho with the seeds but bags of enthusiasm.. Their grandad has been teaching us when he is well enough. My dads last allotment was with my grandad 50 odd years ago, so he has enjoyed passing on some knowledge. In 2015, my parents took over the disabled bed next to us (so a bit more work for us this year!) we prepared 'seed beds' and done things according to our old readers digest 'food from your garden' bible, and we have failed and had to replant some things, hopefully in time for the season... maybe chucking it all in is better? got a 2nd hand greenhouse this year but as it took 5 hours to take down and transport, i haven't the courage to ask my husband to actually re-build it on the allotment yet. We are loving the calmness and satisfaction of the allotment. It has really changed my life in terms of reducing stress and improving my sense of wellbeing. The Good life !

2015: planted swiss chard, parsnips and carrots, brussels, potatoes, shallots, onions garlic, broad beans, peas, sweetcorn, pumpkins, butternut squash, kale, broccoli , borlotti/dwarf beans, cabbage and edamame beans (latter are struggling); at home grew marigolds, petunias, snapdragons, camelia, and tomatoes, peppers, chilli's and aubergines (greenhouse)...
2014: got an allotment plot late, built all the beds- planted sweetcorn (best ever); beetroot, broccoli, broad beans, parsnips, carrots, peas, runner beans, pumpkins, potatoes, shallots, brussel sprouts. put shed up end of season
2013: at home replanted strawberry patch, herb garden developed. Loganberries taken up; peas growing... greenhouse purchased (loving it), tomatoes and carrots all coming up... very pleased its all taking shape...
2012: nothing done in garden
2011 update: lost the huge canary date palm this winter and two large cordylines (i'm gutted) despite protecting them. Planted alliums and tulips this year and trying our hand at peas and carrots too. Bamboo seems to be doing ok in pots too!

2010 - I have just started becoming interested in gardening and growing since we moved into a house with a south facing garden last summer. Its a relatively small garden, but it is very kind to me...

We have strawberries, two apple trees.. established when we moved in.. and I have planted a gooseberry and redcurrant. Also garlic, potatoes and onions - as well as herbs (in a pot.!) ... and of course flowers. I have bought cheap bulbs/tubers from poundsaver shops (peacock orchids, dahlias, lillies) and everything is growing.. Because it has been such a joy..I am at risk of filling every space! I didn;t lose the canary palm and I transplanted bamboo and pulled up a tree of heaven(?) both very invasive, and I discovered 'round up'.. now its time to tidy up after the summer ;-(

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