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Orchids from Seeds

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Hello all, I saw an advertisement for duck flowered orchids, yes the picture really looked like a duck!!, so thought I'd give it a try as I have other orchids which are thriving successfully. The seeds have just arrived, but having read up on how to propagate them, they are so tiny, I've read that I should buy a special jelly to germinate them in. Has anyone any idea where I can buy this jelly from, and has anyone else been successful growing orchids from seeds. Thank you.



Try thick wallpaper paste. Check the ingredients & do a bit of research to check first as some may not be suitable but as far as I know they're all pretty neutral.
Good luck!

3 Aug, 2019


Or this:

Just using corn flour & water (1 cup=8 fluid ounces).
Apparently the fungicides in modern wallpaper pastes are a problem but liquid sowing with a piping bag is quite common for growing carrots

3 Aug, 2019


So wherever you got the seeds, should also have the jelly or should at least know how to get it.

3 Aug, 2019


this is a native of Australia/ new Zealand and scientific name is Caleana major, the flying duck orchid.
orchid seed is like a fine dust. the jelly is a nutrient agar and they usually need a beneficial fungi to assist in germination and healthy growth. Which is why many orchids are grown commercially by micro-propagation. I gave it a try many years ago without success.
I do have self seeded native orchids in the garden though.

3 Aug, 2019


Thank you all for advice. I will give the cornflour and water a try with some of them and see how that goes. Also thanks for the link Seaburngirl.

9 Aug, 2019


I really want to grow the vanilla bean orchid in my kitchen. Imagine that? - home grown vanilla! Even the mediocre stuff at the market isn't cheap. Has anyone tried growing the Vanilla Orchid?

10 Aug, 2019

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