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We have an allotment, & grow broad beans. We pick, shell & freeze all within an hour. We have always done this & all been fine. This year though some are going slightly light brown in colour in the freezer. Do I have to throw them away or will they be ok? Thankyou Teresa Newbury



When in doubt, throw it out!

7 Oct, 2019


welcome to GoY Teresa.
last year my daughter didn't blanch them and they did discolour but we did eat them and skinned them so they were green on the plate. we were fine.
I wonder if the ones that have gone brown weren't blanched long enough.

7 Oct, 2019


We never used to blanch beans or peas and froze them, dry, in tubs so that we could just take out what we needed for a meal. Some beans did go slightly brown but we cooked and ate them regardless. No issues.

7 Oct, 2019

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