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I'm having problems with vine weevil in my front garden. I know that nematodes can deal with them but only for a limited time and then a new wave will come in from next door's garden. The vine weevil soak treatment is only for containers and states that it is not to be used on garden plants. I have been reading about Diatomaceous Earth, so has anyone used this for the treatment of vine weevil?



it isn't listed as a pest it controls. to be honest I don't see how it would stop the female laying her eggs. she doesn't dig her whole body into the soil so it would block her breathing tubes.

10 Oct, 2019


Unusual for them to be so damaging out in the open garden. They usually only eat a smaller proportion of a plants roots than they do in the confines of a pot.
Very difficult to make any suggestions. You could try putting a circle of plastic (rather like the things used to stop Cabbage root fly) round the stem of single stem plants. That stops her from laying eggs as they need to be deposited on the soil near to a plant stem.
For multi-stem plants you might need to mulch with gravel/grit to a depth of at least an inch. Again if she cannot reach the soil then the eggs are not laid.
Very difficult.

11 Oct, 2019


I have problems with the pest and have used the soak treatment offered by Bug Clear Ultra. I think that it did make a difference but it is hard to be definite about this as it is applied when the larvae are evolving and the adults are munching their way through your plant. However, I have used it for 2 years now and do believe that it at the very least has slowed down the spread if not halted it.

It is a pan to apply in the garden as the instructions are not written for this. However, you can work out what measures to use from the label instructions.

12 Oct, 2019


I found this online - I don't eat radishes but they are most effective of all the plants below. I plant them around my butternut squash - no bug damage at all.

Two of the most common plants that repel squash bugs are nasturtiums and white icicle radishes. ... Plant them throughout your squash beds for the best results. Other plants such as oregano, marigold, calendula and dill can also provide some protection and deter squash bugs in your garden.

13 Oct, 2019


sadly there doesn't appear to be a companion plant to ward off vine weevil. wish that there were.

13 Oct, 2019 I just said, this seems to work for me. That's why I'm sitting here typing this!! We call them vine borers but it's the same bug. The internet is rife with supporting information. Certain squash varieties seem to attract more than others. I only grow butternut squash.

13 Oct, 2019


The squash vine borer ( Melittia cucurbitae] is a different species to our Vine weevil [Otiorhynchus sulcatus] Paul.
yours can fly and has male and female individuals where ours cant fly and there haven't been any males found.

So whilst you are correct for your pest it doesn't apply to ours sadly. like I said if only we had a companion plant to ward it off.

13 Oct, 2019


I'll bet you never tried butternut squash!

14 Oct, 2019

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