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How often should a Sansevieria be watered? The same question goes for Maidenhair Fern. I have been keeping two in my bathroom but the latter while still growing will send up a new shoot with leaves that then go brown so I’m obviously doing something wrong. The Sanseviera seems ok but the odd leaf gets wrinkled. Too much or not enough water?



well the sanseviera prefers diffuse light and watering only when the compost is dry as it is a succulent. wrinkled leaves suggest not enough water.
the fern also likes diffuse light but prefers a humid atmosphere. so the brown leaves are due to the air being to dry. Mist the plant regularly.

16 Oct, 2019


I agree, when the leaves start to crinkle or look droopy, it's time to water, average about every two weeks.

16 Oct, 2019


Thank you for your answers. I do mist regularly, SBG, but perhaps not regularly enough. The Maidenhair was doing very well until I went away for two weeks a year ago. With nobody to water it I put that and the Sanseveria in the shower tray on a thick towel that I drenched. Alas, when I came back the fern (and the towel) was dry and very sorry for itself. I’ve managed to keep it going but it’s not exactly flourishing. I also think, Bathgate, that every two weeks is about how often I do water. Originally I had the plants in my north facing bedroom, with diffuse light from a slatted blind, but when Monty Don said they preferred the bathroom I transferred them. I’m now putting them back in the bedroom where it’s not so warm but if the fern doesn’t pick up I think I shall have to reluctantly give up on it. Thank you again.

17 Oct, 2019


if it is the British native Maidenhair fern Adiantum capillus-veneris then it is an outdoor plant but if it was bought as a house plant Adiantum raddianum, it isn't hardy and cant go in the garden. that may affect how it grows in/out doors.

17 Oct, 2019

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