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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

HELP please have just ventured out into a very wet and soggy garden to attempt some tidying up and my lawn has holes in random places never seen the likes before anyone any ideas it's looking a mess? Definitely not moles I am very upset as was always quite proud of our lawn 😢Omg have now answered my own question its a squirrel found some nuts in and around some holes grrrrrrrrrrrr😡



Magpies or squirrels trying to bury food. But I would go for foxes or even badgers is they can access your garden looking for worms this time of the year.

15 Oct, 2019


I'd check each hole to try to lever out any 'nut' that's been buried- the last thing you want in a lawn is lots of them germinating in there next spring! Its unfortunate its been so wet - they usually bury these things in the borders or in pots cos the lawn isn't soft/wet enough...

15 Oct, 2019


Squirrels have done same to mine burying acorns and they usually never come back for them. I'll have a forest of oak trees to clean up next spring.

15 Oct, 2019


Oh gosh! That's a pain...but also a tiny bit funny ;)

16 Oct, 2019


Thanks folks problem is I love watching the little devils 😄

17 Oct, 2019


The Squirrels in my garden have been a digging, I’ve got a Dahlia in a pot and it was digging & turfing the soil out of there, plus the lawn has lots of holes in it too, the Little Critters.

19 Oct, 2019

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