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County Durham , United Kingdom

Hello— does anyone have any experience in propagating jasmine?



Which one?
Layering works for most of them.

26 Jan, 2020


I agree layering works for most.
peg a stem down into a pot of soil/compost and in about a month it should have rooted. if you find a bit of stem that has a branching bit or a joint where leaves come from it then this will root better. Scratch a bit of the bark back so that it will encourage new growth of roots.

I find that both the ones I have root this way naturally.

26 Jan, 2020


Thanks— l’ll try that. Previously l’ve taken cuttings, without success!

26 Jan, 2020


Layering works, especially for the climbing kinds, but depends on the variety - Jasmine humile is readily propagated from soft cuttings around May/June, not so much from layering.

27 Jan, 2020


Thank you for the additional tip, Bamboo.

28 Jan, 2020

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