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west sussex, United Kingdom

Does anyone know the name of this plant please. It's got really huge and tumbles over a wall but I'd like to take cuttings if at all possible and as it only seems to come from one root how do I go about it? Thanks in anticipation.



Looks like Lithodora diffusa - you can take semi ripe cuttings. RHS link below, scroll down to propagation and click on 'semi ripe cuttings' - it will take you to another page that tells you how to do them.

23 Apr, 2020


Yes I agree Lithodora, mine is doing just what yours does and takes reasonably well from cuttings.

it is the most amazing blue isn't it.

23 Apr, 2020


Yes, I agree. I have various clumps round my garden. It’s really pretty and chopping it into clumps doesn’t harm it at all.

23 Apr, 2020


Thanks everyone. Yes it is a lovely blue (even darker than this in real life, my phone doesn't do it justice). I might try putting some in a planter.

24 Apr, 2020

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