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This self seeded foxglove came up and I'm wondering just how unusual, if it is, for the flowers to be upwards facing?

It's forebears over the years of self seeding have always been the bog standard downward facing flowers in various shades

I'll be saving seed from it of course

Have I got a fortune in my garden

On plant Digitalis purpurea




I love it when nature does a quirk. but the seed if you save it will probably revert to the usual form.
I have had purple forward facing ones before but as they aged they drooped.

pretty shade of peach.

23 May, 2020


Its lovely! Keep us updated on its progeny! You never know!

23 May, 2020


I have lots of different foxgloves Gg but not seen one like this.
I looked up foxglove with upward facing flowers and 'Candy Mountain' appears to be one.

23 May, 2020


Interesting, I hope you are onto a winner! Nice shade.

24 May, 2020

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