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I have a brachyglottis in a very large pot and it has done really well over winter but it has no flower buds at all yet. I have fed it and it is in full sun. Does anyone know why it has no flower buds. Does it need to be planted in the ground maybe?



Hi are you giving it plenty of water? Also has it had any new compost or feed to replenish what it has used last year?

1 Jun, 2020


Ours never flowers this early, its usually nearer end of June/July, but variety can make a difference.

1 Jun, 2020


Thank you for your replies, so does yours not have any flower buds yet Bamboo? I have fed it and watered well and added a bit more compost, will keep on doing that though, thank you Seaburngirl

2 Jun, 2020


Having just looked, the one in the sun is showing very small buds, the one in the shade isn't. To be honest, I dislike the flowers,so I will pop down later and cut it back! I grow it for its foliage as contrast in the border. I've never grown it in a pot, so the pot might be constrictive in some way in terms of flowers, not sure, especially if yours has been in a pot for a goodly while.

2 Jun, 2020


Thank you for having a look at yours Bamboo, I will give it a bit longer then decide if it would be better in the border, I know what you mean about the foliage it is nice all winter and almost looks Mediteranean. Thanks again

2 Jun, 2020

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