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Hello please could any one help. I brought 2 lollipop viburnum tinus ‘eve price’ trees. One was a little smaller when arrived but other then that all good. Today I’ve noticed that on one the leaves a drooping and not growing at the same rate. They are both watered at the same time,same amount. They only thing that is slightly different is the sun. Left on gets longer I think. Any advise would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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welcome to GoY.
is the one on the right in a slightly windier spot. Also I can see the stems are taped to a cane. Can I suggest you cut the tape and loosely tie the stems to the cane. This will allow them to move and strengthen.
how long ago did you buy them? If it is only recently get in touch with the supplier and see what they suggest.

2 Jun, 2020

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