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Growing sunflowers. I have managed for the first time in a long while to grow sunflowers successfully. However, they are very tall but have very small actual flower heads,3- 4 inches at most. My question is will the flowers get bigger or wider to match the actual size of the plant? What shall I feed them to get flowerheads to grow? Thanks

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Probably not, there are umpteen varieties of sunflower and it appears you have the multi headed type

I've grown those and find them quite attractive.

If you grew them from a packet of seeds just check the variety for your answer.

The flower heads are what they are are and will not get bigger

You could try tomato food to increase the number but the size is pre determined

28 Jun, 2020


That's the variety you have. Nothing in Heaven or Earth will change it.

28 Jun, 2020

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