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I think this is a weigelia?
Should I prune it? And should I cut the suckers growing at the bottom?
Last question.....! Can I plant the suckers to get more bushes?
Many thanks.

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Looks like Weigela to me too. It will flower next year on those new long stems so depends on how big you want it to get really. You could always cut them back a bit to keep it's shape. I cut all mine right back to a couple of feet last year so not much in flowers this year but I have high hopes for next year.

13 Jul, 2020


Thank you!

14 Jul, 2020


I don't know about suckers but cuttings are very easy. If you do cut back those long stems a bit use the prunings for cuttings. I put around the edge of a tall pot filled with compost with a handful of sand mixed in the top and leave in a quiet shady corner. You might have a different method but they do take quite easily.

14 Jul, 2020

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