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west sussex, United Kingdom

Could anyone please tell me what's the problem with this red current bush? It belongs to my neighbour so I couldn't pass my phone over for him to take a picture - social distancing etc. Lots of the leaves look like this and it has hardly any fruit. It's in full sun.



possibly currant blister aphid.
link to the RHS site below.

certainly looks typical of insect/mite damage whether it is another critter I don't know.

19 Jul, 2020


I get blister mite lke this every year but not with the red patches.All I do is to cut the affected parts off and dispose of them safely (used to burn them but we are not allowed bonfires at present) Once removed it doesn't normally happen again the same season. You would normally trim redcurrants anyway and I've never found it affecting next year's crop of currants.

20 Jul, 2020


Thanks Stera, I've never grown them before and my neighbour is an enthusiastic novice who is delighted that anything has grown in his garden bless him. I will tell him what you said.

26 Jul, 2020


Tell him to keep cutting them off at the first sign earlier in the summer - seems to lessen the amount of spread.(I didn't do it this year and my bush is a mess - serves me right...)

26 Jul, 2020


Thanks, will do.

27 Jul, 2020

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