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Help(again)! Not sure of the name of the plant shown in my photos but it is a beautiful specimen when in full flower. The flowers have died off now and normally in the autumn I prune away the dead leggy lifeless stems. However, this year each of the lifeless stems seems to be sprouting numerous new shoots ate the top of the stem - see photos. What is going on? Can these be propogated into new small plants? I feel to leave them alone will result in an ulta-tall and spindlely border plant. I already have next year's stems growing up from the base of the plant. What's my next move?

Img_6462 Img_6460 Img_6463



It looks like a euphorbia but I don't know how to treat it.

8 Aug, 2020


they are Euphorbia. it is quite common to get new growth from the below the dead [brown now] flower heads. Especially with the crazy weather patterns at present.

Take cuttings from those new shoots. leave them to dry, remember the latex can irritate the skin. Then pot up in a gritty compost. they should root in about 6 weeks.

you can leave them until spring if you prefer.

8 Aug, 2020


I asked this question last year about my day lilies and was told it's called 'proliferation'. Let them mature for awhile, then you can pot them up to grow on. Mine didn't make it, because I kinda forgot about them and they were overtaken with weeds. That's why I suggest you pot them up for a year or 2, but keep them in the same environment as they are now. Try not to move them for now.

8 Aug, 2020


Great advice - many thanks one and all for taking the trouble to reply.

10 Aug, 2020

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