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I have a yen to grow borage in my small garden for the bees etc. I know it’s quite promiscuous so how can I control it?



Plant the borage in pots, then sink the pots into the ground so you can't see them.

9 Aug, 2020


It only spreads from seed, so the best preventatives are those that you would use with any weed: mulching, corn gluten meal where borage is not wanted, and vigilance for the seedlings that start anyway. Pinching the seed capsules off would help, but it would be a balancing act to take the capsules off before they open, while still leaving enough blooms to attract the bees.

9 Aug, 2020


As above, but I've found it's not as bad as the likes of Lemon Balm for instance

I suspect there's quite a high rate of being scoffed at the seedling stage, bit like foxgloves, millions of seeds but only a few plants actually grow

10 Aug, 2020


Thanks for the replies. I’m heartened, Grandad, by your reply so will definitely consider it. I’m always dead heading, Tug, so that should help too. I’m definitely going to give it a try as three quarters of my planting is for wildlife and I only draw the line if they create too much bending work. The Californian Poppies are one of those but they are such a colourful, showy plant....... And now, despite having dug them out last year, they have spread more than ever. They do look lovely though. Que sera.

10 Aug, 2020


I grew 5 plants in this garden 20 yrs ago. Every year I get new plants, they pull out really easily and are a boon for the compost bin. One plant will grow about 3'x3' in a good season. So I always leave a couple in where I want them and pull the rest.

I find many grow and after weeding an area I get a new crop of seedlings but easy to pull at the 2-4 leaf stage. leaves are edible [cucumber flavour] but I find the bristles off putting. Flowers for your pimms and add a touch of colour to salads. older flowers turn pink too.

10 Aug, 2020


Thank you SBG. I'm definitely going to sow some

10 Aug, 2020


I can collect seed for you if you don't want to buy any. I will have plenty soon ;o)

10 Aug, 2020


Thank you,SBG, I’d love to have some seeds. Just let me know when the seeds are ready and I’ll give you my address through a PM.

I’m grateful.

11 Aug, 2020

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