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Autumn colour? I chose this Liquidamber 'slender silhouette' for it's autumn colour. So am disappointed it hasn't given me any! Do I need to change PH in soil for it to produce lovely red & orange foliage? Thank you.

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They do like to be in a full sun situation and have a slightly acidic soil, I think given time as it matures and grows then the autumn colour will be as it should be.

15 Nov, 2020


Thanks Julien. That’s what I was hoping that with time it will show its true colours.

15 Nov, 2020


From what I've seen, the leaves turn yellow first, then turn orange and red as autumn progresses. Julien is also right: younger trees tend to be more yellow than orange.

16 Nov, 2020


Thank you Tugbrethil, guess I will have to be patient and wait a few more years!

16 Nov, 2020


also colours develop better after a hard frost. The Yorkshire arboretum have several and they have been disappointing this year and they think lack of frost is to blame.

16 Nov, 2020


That’s good to know thanks Seaburngirl.

17 Nov, 2020

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