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Succulent id please.
Victoria was given this little succulent for Xmas. the label helpfully said succulent.

It is slightly furry if that helps. each section is about 1cm wide by about 1.5 cm long.

P1030289 P1030291



Looks like Kalanchoe Millotii,

Kalanchoe millotii, native to Madagascar, forms a branching shrub to 12" in height with frosty green scalloped leaves densely covered with white felt. Requires porous soil. Bright light will assure attractive leaf color. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Protect from frost.

5 Jan, 2021


Thanks for this and it does look like it from the top. But this has a plump leaf and the images in the link don't show it as being like that.

5 Jan, 2021


I don't think that's the true leaf you are looking at. The true leaves are the scalloped leaves up top.

5 Jan, 2021


It's Kalanchoe tomentosa ladysmithiensis. I've got one. I believe the common name is 'Bear's Paw plant' and the leaves are very plump. It flowers in the winter but mine isn't doing it this year.
It is native to the area around the town of Ladysmith in South Africa.
It's also called 'Cotyledon ladysmithiensis'
Here's a link to my photo of it :-

5 Jan, 2021


All the leaves are plump and serrated. Thanks though for the suggestion Paul.
Looking at Hywel's I am sure it is Kalanchoe tomentosa ladysmithiensis. Bears Paw is a great 'common' name for it.
Not surprised they just called it succulent, the label wouldn't get it all on.

thanks gents.

5 Jan, 2021


I knew it was Kalanchoe though not the exact species. Many of them look similar. I'm glad Hywel got it.

5 Jan, 2021


you did indeed Paul. I don't grow many houseplants and they keep reclassifying them too.

5 Jan, 2021


That's one I don't grow.

5 Jan, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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