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By Stripes

West Sussex, United Kingdom

Can some one tell me how do i get rid of this every time i put something on this is on top
Edit Comment and this (whats this ?)
How do i get rid of it ??



The message gives you the option to edit your question. If you don't need to you just click on ask question. Is that what you're asking about?

8 Jan, 2021


when you write a comment and press 'add comment' it gives you the option to change your response. if you are happy with what you have written just ignore it.

I went back to my comment above and then added

it disappears shortly afterwards.

I often use it when I realise I have not spelt things correctly.

8 Jan, 2021


I give up it's still doing it

9 Jan, 2021


I think it is there for about an hour then it disappears.

if it is on your question it appears at the bottom and allows you to add any further info or additional photos.

just ignore it stripes.

10 Jan, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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