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For many weeks I have not been able to view pictures on GOY on my laptop. Finally, in desperation and after trying all kinds of solutions that didn't work, I sought out another gardening forum and only looked at GOY on my ipad where I could view everything. I gave up trying to sort the problem.

Suddenly, today, almost all the pictures are visible. What's changed? I'm baffled. But very pleased as I much prefer GOY.



I can't see pix now either, Arbuthnot. I did manage to see them once using microsoft edge but not now. It's very disappointing and definitely reduces my enjoyment of the site.

8 Jan, 2021


I don't know why, but I can view everything on my phone with the FireFox browser. Try it with the FireFox browser. On my desktop Google Chrome works. Kind of a hassle but that's what I do.

9 Jan, 2021


I've never had problems even with my obsolete Internet Explorer.

9 Jan, 2021


I think, generally, iPads are easier than a laptop or computer. I usually use an iPad. I have only had one problem last year which was short term and it was a time where everyone’s pics were vanishing. Saying that, heaven knows.

9 Jan, 2021


I am still on internet explorer and have no problems on the laptop or on the main tower computer.

that doesn't help those that cant see them however.

9 Jan, 2021


No problem for me on a Desk top and using Windows 7 with Firefox.
Bows to Hubris just in case.

9 Jan, 2021


Thank you for your replies. Initially, it was only Firefox (my preferred browser) where the problem occurred so I switched to Chrome. No problem for a while then that didn’t work either. I didn’t have a problem at all with Windows 7 but since they stopped security updates and we bank online I had to upgrade to 10.

I’m still stumped but am hoping that next time I’m on the laptop I can still view everyone’s photos. I’ll let you know.

9 Jan, 2021


I can't see either I have just about given up now. I just Google any information I want. Will keep looking from time to time.

9 Jan, 2021


Send Dave an email. Maybe he can do something.

10 Jan, 2021


Not seen any pics for months on my chromebook laptop. Can see them on my iphone but it's too small for me to see anything properly. It's an iphone 6 so has a small screen. I daren't change browser on chromebook because I think it will muck everything else up.

11 Jan, 2021

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