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There's a small compact hardy geranium suitable for edging - seen pics of it on Goy some time ago. I've not seen it for sale anywhere, can anyone suggest what it might be called
please? I thought it was George something but that doesn't come up with anything.



Hi Yorks, I will ask one of my friends who adores geraniums and has a large collection of them.

One of my friends uses Erodium [Bishop's Form] for edging around his pond. They are small members of the geranium family

Did you see my photo of hubby with one of his bikes. I know I have talked about him a lot over the years. The biking Viking!

1 Feb, 2021


I saw the picture Eileen. I want to come see your bike museum!

Sue - Did you see the Geranium called 'Dragon Heart'? I don't know how big it gets but I like it.

1 Feb, 2021


I grow one called Geranium Orkney Cherry,

1 Feb, 2021


Might it have been one of the cinereums? They are low growing. What colour was it? 'White-ness'? Dalmaticum? Green leaves or dark? There are some pics on my earlier blog. They might stir a memory.
'Dragon Heart' is a sprawler but quite gorgeous, I think.

SBG I didn't realse that was your OH.

1 Feb, 2021


yep that is the Biking Viking, for those of you who may remember an older TV programme, in his younger days he was Grizzly Adams!

1 Feb, 2021


Thank you for your suggestions everybody. I have looked them all up but sadly none of them is the one I remember, which is very compact more like a Sanguinium height but with smaller flowers. I do remember being surprised by it when it appeared a couple of times on members photos some years ago. Somebody had a few as edging to a short lavender hedge. Never mind I'll have a rethink. I did try an Erodium a few years ago (in a different place )but it wasn't happy and died. Maybe there was too much shade where I put it.
Anget just had another look at your geranium blog - you had some lovely ones.Pity there isn't room to keep them all (or energy and space to go with them)
I hadn't realised there are fewer around these days - I can't get my head round "fashions in plants"...but its true we do go though phases of really liking particular ones.
, bearing in mind current memory problems I'll soon forget where I was going to put it anyway, sob sob.

Eileen I remember the photo of the very impressive bike but not one showing its proud owner! I did look up pics of Grizzly Adams though! My OH is bearded too, but not quite as luxuriantly as that

Sorry writing too much again, can't seem to stop once I get started...

2 Feb, 2021


One of the Jolly Jewel series? Or Elke? Thumbling Hearts? I'll keep thinking!

2 Feb, 2021


My friend replied with these suggestions

"There are so many varieties of geraniums I am not at all sure which your friend saw but the following 3 suggestions might help with ideas.

Ger. cinereum: Semi evergreen 6” x 12”, fully hardy, flowers white to pale pink, suitable for a rock garden

Ger. farreri: 4” x 6”, fully hardy, flowers pale mauve pink with blue black anthers

Ger. procurrens: Carpeting perennial, 12” x 24”, fully hardy, flowers rose purple.

I hope that helps."

Hope that gives you more ideas.

3 Feb, 2021


Eileen he first two of those are really nice. Thank you for all the suggestions which were new to me. Spoilt for choice now!
Anget, it would be so easy to fill the garden with these wouldn't it? I saw one of these is OK in shade - very useful!

3 Feb, 2021


I grow "Elke" and it is a lovely plant. Very eye catching. Cultivar from Belgium .

4 Feb, 2021

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