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Good evening all, could you please advise on whether I should pull this fungus out or just leave it, there are quite a few of them in a shaded area where some Ferns grow.
Thank you



good evening to you too Charnwood.
If it hasn't already released its spores you could bin them but the hole in the side looks like it already has done its bit. Remove it by all means but most of the fungus lives underground. The toadstool is just its fruiting body.

1 Feb, 2021


Thanks SBG so they are not harmful to touch with gloves on I'll get rid of them so.

2 Feb, 2021


You will be fine to handle them with gloves on.
I cant tell which species they are but it goes without saying don't eat them!

2 Feb, 2021


Pretty certain its a Boletus of some kind but it is impossible to say which from your photo. It's a large family, many edible, some edible and good (lol) , and only two actually poisonous as far as I know ,and those are rare. They have stems which are flushed red at the bottom. Many boletus are associated with particular trees which is a clue to which one you have.
You can easily tell this family from most of the others because where most mushrooms have gills this one looks more like a sponge on its underside which makes identification a lot easier! No need to wear gloves, it won't hurt you.

No need to dispose of it, it will quickly disappear on its own and binning it now will not affect whether you get any more next year.
(I think mushrooms are great and get excited if we have a good one in the garden...takes all sorts!)

2 Feb, 2021


I love fungus too: not odd at all :o). I remember Victoria showing me scarlet elf cups in Brynna woods in 2018.

2 Feb, 2021


Lovely! We found some behind the shed when we first moved in here. Sadly haven't seen any since. I looked up Brynna woods and Pencoed - so this must have been when Victoria was doing her placement? There was a comment that Pencoed was one of the worst places to live, so what a good thing they are also near the nature reserve! I didn't know there was a Woodland Trust wood there - and with red squirrels too by the look of the photo! One of these days we might get over there...

Oops Charnwood, sorry for the takeover!

2 Feb, 2021


I would leave it alone. They aren't harmful and indicate a good healthy living soil. Unless you find it too unsightly, is it really worth the bother to go out picking up mushrooms? It may be the fruit of mycorrhizas which has an important symbiotic relationship with all living plants and trees.

'Fungi benefit most plants by suppressing plant root diseases and fungi promote healthier plants by attacking plant pathogens with fungal enzymes. Fungi also use antagonism to reduce competition by producing antibodies, which suppress other microorganisms from growing.'

2 Feb, 2021


it was indeed Yorks. Such happy memories.

2 Feb, 2021


Thank you all so much, well I'll leave them alone, I somehow thought they were bad for my Frens and they are under a Maple tree, so to know they are good for the soil is great.

2 Feb, 2021

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