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Good Afternoon my gardening friends, I hope your all keeping well and safe. last August my Granddaughter gave me a small piece of her Aloe Vera plant, at that time she had 13 spikes, now she only has 4. Poor Vera is clearly not well but she can't tell me how to make her better. I have just moved her onto my kitchen window sill.
She lives in an Orchid pot filled with with top soil. Can any one please tell me what I am doing wrong, I would hate for her to die. Sorry I lack the skill to send a photo of poor Vera. Thank you.
Kind Regards



Hello Marian,
they thrive on neglect in my experience. Don't water until the soil is very dry and then from the bottom. We have about 8 plants now as daughter decided to split hers as it was pot bound. all the babies are now growing well and themselves becoming potbound.

11 Feb, 2021


Yes, succulents should be kept on the dry side especially during dormant months. Also be sure 'vera' is planted in a succulent potting mix. Top soil may be too heavy and retain too much water. No fertilizer until is resumes active growth in Spring. They have fine roots and need a loose, fast draining potting mix. They also need lots of sun - as much sun as you can give it. A little water every two weeks is adequate for now. During active growth, you can water every week, but essential that the pot dries out completely between waterings.

11 Feb, 2021


Hi, Marian
You did right by putting it in the window. They love sunlight, and even grow in the full burning sun in the desert where I live. When you're ready to transplant, try to use a fast draining and well aerated compost. They don't need much food, but every 6 months or so, a pinch of unflavored gelatin will probably be gratefully accepted.

11 Feb, 2021


As others have said, it needs free draining compost and to be kept on the dry side, and put on the sunniest windowsill
that you have. Overwatering is probably the most common problem. I have ones that survive in an unheated, south facing conservatory, and they multiply like mad and the oldest ones have flowered the past couple of years. I only water once a week in summer and fortnightly(sparingly) in winter.

12 Feb, 2021

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