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Denbighshire, United Kingdom

I’ve just received a delivery of plants from Secret Garden, iris, lobelia, lamium, rhadanthemum,delphinium, camassia, lithospermum, crocosmia, primula & cerastium.
My questions are:
1. Should I put them in my unheated potting shed? The other alternatives are a cold dark garage or a heated conservatory.
2. Should I pot them on? They are in root trainers, etc. If I do pot them on, will they be OK in the shed?
Many thanks!



which Lobelia is it?
most of these [depending on the lobelia] will be ok in an unheated potting shed.

If the roots have grown out of the bottom of the trainers then yes repot them on. Water sparingly especially in this cold weather.

11 Feb, 2021


Thanks so much Seaburn. That’s really helpful.
It’s lobelia specialis.

11 Feb, 2021


Don't know that one, wonder if it is L speciosa. This should be hardy for you. it is for me in E. Yorks.

11 Feb, 2021


It probably is l. Speciosa. The ink is faded on the delivery note and the print is minuscule! Thank you.

12 Feb, 2021


I'm more curious about which Iris it is. Some of the bulbous species will be better off in the garage, until the ground thaws.

14 Feb, 2021

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