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Hi my gardener has cut all the branches off a particularly twisted laburnum tree. Will it grow back or has he killed it?



It will eventually grow back but could take years and years and years.

16 Feb, 2021


Thanks. He said couple of years so he’s probably not wrong but it’s just he removed all budding branches so I was worried it would t grow without some leaves.

16 Feb, 2021


Did he do it without asking you first? Mine asked if I wanted "these geraniums" - I thought he meant some seedlings that pop up here and there. So I was a bit miffed to find he's dug up all the geranium sanguiniums as well...
I wish I didn't need a gardener but time gets all of us in the end...

16 Feb, 2021


Same happened to me with my Coral Honeysuckle. My gardener hacked it to the ground 5 years ago. It still hasn't bloomed since and the hummingbirds stopped coming to my garden because of him. Well he's not coming to my garden again either!

16 Feb, 2021


It should sprout new growth as many plants have this will to survive. But it depends on how severe the pruning has been.
are you able to add a photo to the question so we can see what he has left behind.

16 Feb, 2021

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