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South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

My ‘mind your own business’ plant has done brown from the snow having settled on it for a week. Will it bounce back? The green parts weren’t covered by the snow :)
(To the right of the picture)

On plant Mind your own business



it is pretty bomb proof. the black bits may in fact be dead so wait a bit then if they don't re green then trim those bits off and the live stuff will re colonise it.

19 Feb, 2021


Agree Dan, I have several on the rockery. They have survived the snow and cold, but, one of the plants went black in the hot sun last summer.
I gently scraped away the black, watered it as I think it had dried out a little and it soon grew back and is spreading well...

20 Feb, 2021


Thanks guys!!! I’d hate to lose it!

20 Feb, 2021

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