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hello friends, sorry i havnt been on for 7 months, but i desperately need some info. moved house (hence been missing), l yr ago, discovered i have bad infestation of vine weevil, hence, plants like weigelia, roses, (actually almost everything), has awful bitten leaves, i have by speaking and looking discovered it is vine weevil, so sept i bought some vine week killer, (didnt work and very costly). i am going to try nemotodes when the weather warms up, BUT, does anyone know of any other 'thing' that could help, i fear this is going to be a ver long costly job. (dont have excessof money now). HELP.



using a torch look around the plants in the dusk/dark. they climb up walls etc too so keep a beady eye out for them. Are you plants in pots in the ground. It is easier to treat pots rather than the open soil.

if you find perfectly round holes in leaves they could be leaf cutter bees. if they are uneven circles then Vine weevil is the most likely.

other tha this did your house move go ok?

21 Feb, 2021


Regular applications of compost--sifted to remove big chunks--will encourage earthworms, which release beneficial bacteria that stimulate the plants' chemical defenses against insect pests.
Applying washed and dried seaweed will make the leaves thicker and tougher, discouraging chewing insects, including leaf cutting bees.
If wasps or hornets choose to nest in your garden, and they aren't too close to the house or street, welcome them! They will eat vine weevil larvae. Various carnivorous beetles will also eat vine weevils, but I am having trouble finding info on encouraging them, other than not using insecticides.

22 Feb, 2021

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