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By Sirwolf

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

This past year was one of the best I've had for growing tomatoes, however despite seeds from a reputable company (Tigerella seeds) there was very little taste to them, they were not much different to Supermarket tomatoes, the same thing happened with my cherry tomatoes which were not very sweet at all. I had fed them properly and provided plenty of water.
Did I just have bad luck, or do you think there is something I didn't do or did in error which caused this problem. I would be interested in your thoughts.



taste is very subjective. I didn't find Tigarella particularly flavoursome but my daughter loved them.
So you may not have done anything wrong. The weather was very changeable and that may have been partly to 'blame'.

22 Feb, 2021


Thanks for the comment, I shall try again this year, but I will get my Tigarella seeds from a different supplier, I have always found them to have a nice tangy taste previously. I suppose it could be my taste buds you never know.

23 Feb, 2021


I've read that some popular varieties have lost their taste over the years, no doubt inadvertently by breeders.
Gardeners' Delight was one mentioned and was now being re- selected

Maybe Tigerella is a casualty? I never found Tigerella to my liking, but as SBG says, taste is so subjective

My current favourite is Bloody Butcher but I keep trying others just in case one is superb

23 Feb, 2021


and with the year we have had it could have been a symptom of covid. My taste is almost 100% back to normal but coffee still is odd and some spices less zingy.

But as Grandad gar. said the breeding may have been a problem.

23 Feb, 2021


I suspect that Grandad Gar may well be right, my taste with other items is fine, by the way I have tried growing Bloody butcher a couple of times but never really did well with them. The best ones I ever had was and outdoor variety called Orkado, but I haven't got a lot of space outdoors, so don't normally grow them. Anyway I shall persevere with Tigerella.

Thank you for the advice.

24 Feb, 2021

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