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Hi there

I have bought a bag of ericaceous soil for a new camellia and since this was a large bag, I am wondering if the remaining soil can be used to top up my other shrubs which don't need acid?

Than you



Yes, no bother. Thatamount of compost would have very little effect on the acidity of the soil.

23 Feb, 2021


Thank you, perhaps I should mix this with normal compost, would that be better, do you think?

23 Feb, 2021


if its going on the soil then no need to mix it . if you are going to use it to top up other containers then mix it to 'dilute' the acidity of it and check that the plants in the pot don't mind what type of soil they are in.

23 Feb, 2021


Thank you once more :-) I will be buying summer bedding to put into containers, so do you think these would be OK with a 50/50 mix please.? Sorry so many questions

24 Feb, 2021


should be yes.
and no need to apologise re the questions. that is what makes the site fun. :o)

24 Feb, 2021



25 Feb, 2021

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