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Spots on Jade Plant

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Hi everyone,

This is my first plant and I am afraid that I am not caring for it properly. Are these spots on the leaves and stems normal? They look like burn spots but I am not sure what is going on?




I think that you watered it too much

15 Mar, 2021


And you have a bit of space between the leaves this mean not enought light but this will be not the cause of the burnt spot this time of the year it will be the watering

15 Mar, 2021


it could be water splashes but if well watered it could be the plant exuding water along the leaf edge that then causes scorch marks when sunlight shines on it.

16 Mar, 2021


I agree,it's the watering..Mine has just had it's first watering since December,and is now over 20 years old,and it lives in an unheated Conservatory all year,except for going outside in the summer months.Yours looks very healthy,apart from the spots.If you wanted to nip them off,if you don't like the look of it,it wouldn't harm it at all.I often prune mine to reshape if necessary..they are as tough as old boots !
Welcome to Goy .:o)

16 Mar, 2021


Yep, it's the watering, maybe with the help of slightly too chilly temperatures. You can remove the affected leaves, like Bloomer says, but I wouldn't take off more than 1/3 of the leaves at a time.

18 Mar, 2021

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