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Good afternoon all, could you advise on my Maple tree please, it is looking well, however all the underneath of the leaves have little black bugs, I've sprayed the lower branches that I can reach but what can I do for the whole tree, thanks




you need to spray with a systemic insecticide on those leaves you can reach. Then the insecticide will be translocated throughout the plant. Any insect feeding on the sap will then be poisoned.

the other alternative is to encourage more birds and insect predators into the garden so they will pick off the harmful insects. To do that don't use insecticides. A soapy water spray will help control the pests.

Can you post a picture of the insects in question?

1 May, 2021


Thanks SBG I have tried taking a photo of underneath the leaves but they were blurred

1 May, 2021

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