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I bought two variegated ligustrum standard trees which were delivered early this morning (7am) the delivery guy didn’t knock the door so I couldn’t inspect the trees. He placed them on the driveway and left. I’m really not happy with them, I’ve emailed the company still awaiting a reply. But I’m wondering if the browning of leaves is either bug damage, drought or diseased? Opinions please, many thanks.

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I would go for the lack of water. Just stick your finger in the soil. As an aside, always best to examine before you buy, even if the subject is a little more expensive. Having said, we can always be wise after the event.

8 May, 2021


Thank you Jimmytheone, I bought these online as I couldn’t get them locally. The trees are established and cost £300 each, for the price I was expecting them to turn up in pristine condition. Hopefully the company will send out replacements.

8 May, 2021


Frost damage and the tears look like physical damage possibly but the fact you were unable to inspect them is unacceptable. There appears to be sooty mould [?] on a leaf in the middle of the top photo.
Take lots of photos and send them to the company too.

Complain to the delivery company too. Is it a well established company?
Find out when they were shipped, how long in the delivery van etc

Did you buy them by credit card? if yes get in touch with them if the plant company doesn't come through. They should support you in getting replacements or refunds.

8 May, 2021


That’s outrageous ... you should certainly be sent replacements at that price. Yes, take photos and send them to your supplier as soon as possible - their reputation is at stake.

8 May, 2021

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