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Hello Everyone , sorry but once again here's one of my rare visits , ( but I know you are always there to help ! )
My Grandson & Wife have this rather woody bush / shrub in their garden but haven't a clue what it is , could it be a honeysuckle ? the flowers and leaves are very like honeysuckle not sure what else , it has quite a large trunk at the base too ! many thanks . Lucy .

Shrub Honeysuckle_



Looks very much like honeysuckle to me but, at a pinch, it could be Leycesteria. See what the others think.

9 May, 2021


It is indeed a shrubby honeysuckle. Lonicera tatarica is a possibility.

9 May, 2021


Thank you both very much , sure you are right about it being a shrub honeysuckle which can get rather large and woody , apparently they can grow up to 3 metres , I will pass the info on , once again many thanks , hope you have all been keeping well and coping alright with everything that's going on , where would we be without our gardens ! they are a source of so much pleasure and calming to us .
With all good wishes for a lovely summer ahead .

10 May, 2021

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