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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I started hardening my plants off a few weeks ago but due to the weather being so bad and it being cold am I ok to stop bringing them out of greenhouse or should I just carry on even though we have had treacherous rain.
Many thanks



I think we all feel the same,Pdb,but for the time being,I am still bringing mine into the Conservatory overnight, and the past two days,that is where they have stayed ! Hopefully ,it won't be for much longer :o(

21 May, 2021


I have had mine out in the rain for over a week now but I do check the local forecast and if it is going to be 5 degrees or lower I bring them in.

21 May, 2021


So long as your pots have good drainage, I wouldn't worry too much about the rain, unless they come with battering winds. If night temps go below 50°F bring them in or cover them.

21 May, 2021

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