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Can I take a cutting from a wild rose? Also, do they get blackspot?



Yes, you can take cuttings from a wild rose. All roses are prone to black spot, but it's rarely fatal and not something you should worry about now. Watch this video for the best technique for rose propagation from cuttings.

8 Jun, 2021


as Paul says you can take cuttings.

I've never noticed black spot on the wild roses in the hedgerows round here but I guess there will be susceptible and resistant ones in the wild population too.

They are easy to grow from seed too. Collect a ripe hip in the autumn and pop the seed out, cover with a fine layer of compost and leave outside exposed to the weather. I did that with a burnet rose and have several [9 plants] now.
I have spares if you'd like one Merlinbd.

9 Jun, 2021


Thankyou Bathgate and SBG. That's great news. There are a few growing on an old unused (by cars) lane near me and I know it's not illegal to take a cutting or seeds.
SBG I would love one of your spares Thankyou so much and I will PM you.

10 Jun, 2021

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