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Dublin, Ireland Ie

Good morning all, could you please tell me has this Hosta got the HVX virus and if so what should I do, thanks




Certainly looks like it. Burn it.

9 Jun, 2021


I agree burn or add to household waste not recycling bin.

Found this
'Once a Hosta plant is infected, it will be infected for the rest of its life. Any plant suspected of being infected should be burned if it is legal to do so. If it is not, then it should be tossed in the garbage, but infected Hosta plants should never be composted. If any plant in a batch shows symptoms, the entire batch should be considered infected and be destroyed. Once a plant has been removed, the spot occupied by the Hosta should be left empty for a long time to prevent the spread of the virus to a plant that replaces it.'

9 Jun, 2021


Thank you i thought as much, will get rid ASAP.

9 Jun, 2021

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