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By Alanb

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Good morning,

I am trying to grow Delphiniums from seed. They are ‘way behind’ the parent plant, as this has now flowered. Just wondered if anyone has tried this before and if so, what do I do with these small seedlings to get them through to next year. Many thanks for any advice.

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Keep them cooler and in good light, make sure they dont get too dry either.
remember they will die back in the late summer/early autumn so keep them frost free as they are in small pots. if the roots fill the pot in mid summer pot up to a slightly larger pot so they settle before winter.

17 Jun, 2021


Brilliant, thanks Seaburngirl. Will they be OK to over winter in a small glass frame that is lined with ‘bubblewrap’? Just going to take photo of Jasmine.

17 Jun, 2021


yes that would be ideal Alan.

17 Jun, 2021

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