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This hebe is out growing its welcome! I think it’s called firework or firecracker. It has two colours of flowers, light and dark pink, and look like fireworks when it’s in flower. My question is: can I cut it back when it’s finished flowering? How much can I cut it back?
Edit: I updated the question, to get the photo the right way up. Sorry it deleted the comment too.




I've cut them back with no problems but with one that size I'd do it part at a time so as not to shock it too badly.

25 Jun, 2021


I find that it doesn't regrow from the woody stems. So as Yorkslass suggests do it a bit at a time. Perhaps try cutting just a small amount right back to the wood as an experiment. It takes well as a cutting too.

26 Jun, 2021


Thank you both.

27 Jun, 2021

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