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Plant i,d. I have absolutely no idea what this monster of a plant is. It’s so tall. Thought I planted a Thalictrum but must have been mistaken. Any suggestions?

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Thalictrums do grow tall - not seen one as tall as that though, but its hard to be sure of the scale of your photo. But their leaves are more like maidenhair fern leaves.

11 Jul, 2021


well the leaves are definitely not thalictrum. I was thinking perhaps a Verbena but not sure. there appear to be flower buds forming so we will have to wait and see.

12 Jul, 2021


Mmm…. Will have to wait like you said until it flowers…..

12 Jul, 2021


think its verbena ive got one once it flowers you wil know

15 Jul, 2021


Thank you.

15 Jul, 2021


Update; found the label. it's a Althaea Cannabina, or a palm leaf marsh mallow.

25 Jul, 2021


That's brilliant news. I was still wondering what it was. Glad you remembered.

25 Jul, 2021

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