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Hi can you help what is causing the brown on leaves. Kate




at this time of year it could be the cooler evenings, the natural dying back as we head into Autumn or it got sun scorched.

that answer sort of says no real idea but the likely culprits are.... ;o)

3 Sep, 2021


Thanks it was new to me and as it grew the brown appeared. I have another near no brown leaves
. Thanks for your time.Kate

3 Sep, 2021


Sent you a Private Message Polyanna.

3 Sep, 2021


I have not received a private message. Pollyanna

4 Sep, 2021


I just checked and it has apparently been sent from this end. Did you know how to check your private messages? Let me know if not & I'll send you instructions.

5 Sep, 2021

How do I say thanks?

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