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This is a Dublin Bay climbing rose. I want to train it to grow on the white walls of our bungalow. We have put vine eyes and wires ready to tie it in. Our property faces south, but there are hills in front, which limit the amount of sun in December and January.
My question is, does it need pruning? Should I let it grow higher before I prune it? Any advice most welcome, thanks!




I'm sorry to be a killjoy but I have Dublin Bay and altough a good deep red colour flower, it is not a wonderfull climber. But I would also suggest that a climbing rose will use a lot of moisture and nutrients and would need to be gown in the ground or at a push, a very large pot.

29 Dec, 2021


I agree about where it needs to be planted, much bigger pot or ideally in the ground. they flower better if the stems are 'laid' as close to the horizontal as possible.

29 Dec, 2021


Thanks for the replies. I only bought it last year, I’ll probably repot in in the autumn.
It wasn’t the care of the rose I was needing help with so much as to how to train it.

30 Dec, 2021


the stems need training as close to the horizontal as they will bend. Tie them in loosely with a soft twine so they don't crush/damage the stems.

30 Dec, 2021


I also have this rose in the pot and not happy with it. I will take the advice here and plant it in the ground in spring.

30 Dec, 2021


I have this rose and this year it has rambled well. I think you have to be patient. I have pruned mine sparingly this year.

31 Dec, 2021

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