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Sooty mould!
Rhododendron and Pieris covered in it. How to remove?



That suggests there is a scale insect or greenfly issue. The sooty mould should wipe off as it is feeding on the honeydew secreted by the insects. how large are they Owd? a mild soap solution would help.

28 Mar, 2022


Very large! Sprayed against the aphids, but that still leaves the mould. We are talking 2 metres by 3 metres of Rhody by the way.

28 Mar, 2022


ah not realistic to wipe all the leaves then.
I suppose the soapy wash /spray would loosen the sooty mould then spray with water to rinse it off.

29 Mar, 2022


The most likely cause is cushion scale infestation rather than aphids - sooty mould at this time of year is a typical indicator. Best to treat for scale a bit later on and if it is scale, getting rid of those should get rid of the sooty mould over time.

29 Mar, 2022


First thing I looked for, but did not find any scale at all.

29 Mar, 2022

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