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Hi there.
I wonder if anyone could tell me what is wrong with my beautiful acer please? It’s approximately 3 years old, and has been in a pot for approximately 2 years. It’s never had any problems until now. Is it sun or wind scorch? Please help how I make him happy again! Thank you in advance!

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welcome to GoY,
I think you are right with wind & sun damage.
As it is in a pot it will need plenty of water especially as it has been so dry and breezy. Move it into a more sheltered spot and preferably light shade. water well and the lightly damaged leaves may recover. The very shrivelled ones will fall off.

12 May, 2022


Ahh. Thank you so much. I only found the site yesterday so am really pleased I did!
Ok. I wondered if this was the case. Thank you so much for the advice. I shall go outside and do that right now!
I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
Have a nice day.

13 May, 2022

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