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Why have my geranium leaves gone red? I'm a little surprised it is flowering already. It's an old stalwart that never fails to flower. I keep it frost free in summerhouse & then get it out in spring. This year though it's flowering v early & its leaves have gone from a green to a red? Any ideas why? Thanks.

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that is a sign of stress. Mine that have been in the very hot greenhouse have done this. Also do this is allowed to get too dry or too cold.

14 May, 2022


Oh ok. Thanks for that. Hopefully with warmer weather & warmer night the leaves might turn green? I will put ofcourse put it inside if frost is predicted.

14 May, 2022


If it is going to stay in that pot it might appreciate a feed now things are growing again too, but use a high potash feed like tomato fertilizer or you might get leaves at the expense of flowers.

15 May, 2022


Thanks Steragram, will do, much appreciated.

15 May, 2022


A few of my overwintered Pelargoniums are like that too,but strangely,only the red ones,like yours ? I've picked them off,as there are plenty of green leaves. Sounds like a good feed won't go amiss for mine either. thanks for the information Seaburn,and Stera. .:o)

16 May, 2022

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