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My indoor vine which should produce black grapes has so far developed only green and dark green berries with only the odd black one. I fear I may have asked the vine to do too much by growing about 80 bunches where normally it was about half that number. Could this be the problem or is it a feed related one.? The berries are smaller as well being on average 20 to 25 percent smaller than in the past. It is establised for 70 years or so and very healthy. I would be grateful for you advice and /or suggestions where I can read more on the subject.. Thanks Tom G.



Hi Tom and welcome to GoY, the grapes are no ripening due to lack of sunshine. At the same time expecting to harvest 80 bunches is doubtless stressing the vine. I'd remove a good half of them and some of the leaves to get the sun to the grapes.

28 Sep, 2010


Hessayon 'The fruit expert' is a book that gives precise info about all fruits. As MG says maybe not enough sun and too heavy a load for such an ancient grape. We gave our 24 year old outdoor grape a big boost this year by lopping a good 15 feet off the end of it. They are black, juicy, commercial size bunches. Good to eat. No grapes from Tesco for time being. Also this year,as far as I could. I let it set one bunch and then nipped out any extension,at least for a while, until it leafed up heavily and I couldn't see to do that. Maybe a downsize would help. Hessayon says grapes stay productive for about 40 years! So it needs all the help you can give it.

29 Sep, 2010

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