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west sussex, United Kingdom

My daughter lives on the coast near Sydney and she has some lemon and lime trees on her balcony and a couple of succulents inside. She can't work out if she's overwatering them or underwatering them (she's just lost two succulents). It's mid winter over there with temperatures of 15 - 17 degrees so I think they are being overwatered. Perhaps someone could let me know how often they should be watered in the winter. Thanks



Most succulents need very little water in winter. Once a fortnight should be plenty, and don't slak them even then.

10 Aug, 2022


Knowing which succulents is important. Succulents from Mediterranean climates, such as Echeveria or most Aloes, grow and bloom in the winter, and so accept more water in cool weather.

16 Aug, 2022

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