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Any Tomato Heads out there? I have a very disappointing crop this year. A lot of them are still green and some seem to have stopped growing. I thought they liked the heat but have read something that says it may have been too hot for them. Anyone any idea what went wrong?



My tomato crop hasn't been as good as last year with many of the fruits still to ripen. I have screening in my greenhouse roof and Coolglass painted on the sides (which I have just cleaned away) and have the roof vents, side vent and doors open in the daytime. I have been watering morning and evening and feeding high potash regularly. So I guess that the heat could be the problem.

2 Sep, 2022


the high temps will have prevented some of the biochemical pathways working properly. Mine are now ripening properly though a few have yellow shoulder, due to direct sun.

2 Sep, 2022


Mine are pathetic, and very small indeed. At least we know it isn't our fault!

3 Sep, 2022


Thanks. I didn't know I had such illustrious company in my failure!
Jimmythe one: I take it that you favour container growing? I usually have most of my toms in pots but this year put them all in the ground. My greenhouse is too small for lots of plants.
Seaburngirl: Thanks for the scientific explanation. You sound as though yours were also a bit small but on the way.
Steragram: Yours can't be as pathetic as mine! I was watering them a few hours a day until last Wednesday, when we got a hosepipe ban. At least the weather is cooler now.
One thing I should have said is that I also had relatively few toms per plant.
I took a few in and put a banana skin with them, along with an apple. This must have brought the fruit flies so I took the banana skin out. A couple of them now have a hint of colour about them so I am hopeful.
Hope yours come along nicely now as well. Thanks again for your input!

3 Sep, 2022


Joan, I grow them directly in the ground inside my greenhouse but there can be a problem with a build-up of viruses if the soil isn't renewed after a few years. Grown in the open ground and in a sunny spot should be good as they are less likely to dry out but perhaps feed with just tomato feed. Do bear in mind that you should have at least another month to go for the remaining fruits to ripen in your location.

3 Sep, 2022

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