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Two questions for the price of one this time!

I think I may have lost my lovely Mimosa, which grew magnificently through 2022, but the recent frosty spell seems to have turned all the leaves a sad grey colour. Is it likely that it may recover in the coming spring?

The other thing is about peat-free compost. I have been buying it instead of the old peat-based stuff, being keen to do the right thing, but I find its water-retention properties are much inferior. If I water a plant in its pot, much of the water runs straight through into the saucer and doesn't get much absorbed, leaving the compost becoming dry much sooner that I expect. Am I buying the wrong stuff? Is there something better? I have some water-retention granules, but I have always thought of them being intended for warmer days, especially if I am away from home for a while. I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts.



As regarding the Mimosa they do need some protection in exposed areas. I would leave well alone until the spring and see if it recovers. It might need a little pruning once it reshoots. On the compost front, whilst I am no fan of peat-free, it contains a wetting agent which will enable it to take up water readily and as the peat-based one will be discontinued then perhaps buy a premium brand of compost such as Miraclegro peat free. You can use what you have already by dunking the whole pot in water for a short while and then let it drain.

31 Dec, 2022


I am enthusiastic about water granules in general.Why not try just a small amount and see how you go.Perhaps put them mostly towards the bottom of the pot too, as plants in the ground usually find more moisture well below the surface.The drier the compost the more quickly water runs straight through, which is annoying!

1 Jan, 2023


Many thanks Jimmytheone and Steragram. I'll certainly give those suggestions a try.

2 Jan, 2023

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