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Privet hedge being attacked! My cousin lives in SW London and his Privet hedge is being attacked. See photo of the leaves. Something is eating them but it doesn’t look like typical Vine Weevil bites. Secondary infections set in and the hedge is dying off in parts. Has anyone else experienced this and how did they deal with it? Thanks




was the damaged done during the summer? It does look like vine weevil damage. Certainly something is have a good nibble. It could be privet hawk moth and if the damage happened in the summer it could be their caterpillars.

Is there any sign of fungus/toadstools at the base? I ask as privet is susceptible to honey fungus.

10 Jan, 2023


Agree with Eileen, I would go for vine weevil damage. Conventional vine weevil killer can only be used on containers so I would suggest that you go for nematoes and treat the hedge in the spring when the weather warms up. As far as the secondary infection, I would give a feed with Vitax Q4 and a good mulch in the spring also.

11 Jan, 2023

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