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Hi , I'd like to find out what this plant is please (UPDATED)

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Hi , I'd like to find out what this plant is please. I have had it for quite some years. I was told it was a Fuschia, It's not the usual looking Fuschia. It has tiny pink flowers & small green leaves. Bees love it .The photos are of how it looks at the moment. I can't seem to find any from summertime. My father in law took a cutting from his brothers garden but can't remember the name. I'd be grateful of any suggestions. Thank you

**UPDATE** Luckily this plant has grown back. Still none the wiser what it is!. I will add 2 more photos. My hand is in one just for size reference. The whole plant doesn't really get any bigger than this.

Thumbnail_img_5839 Thumbnail_img_5840 Thumbnail_img_5194



There are very small flowered fuchsia, so it could well be Fuchsia microphylla

23 Jan, 2023


Thank you Seaburngirl , I’ve googled your suggestion but the flowers aren’t as I remember them. They looked similar to a berry but not solid , if that makes sense. I wish I’d taken a photo when it was in bloom! My father in law seems to think the plant name has ‘David’ in it

23 Jan, 2023


There is a F microphylla variety called 'David'. have a look at that one.

23 Jan, 2023


Have a look at Cytisus 'Moyclare Pink' (Broom). Just a guess though.

24 Jan, 2023


Seaburngirl, thank you again, I’m. Sure the flowers didn’t hang, they were more of a berry shape. I think I’ll have to hope that it’s not dead & fingers crossed it grows back. Thank you so much

24 Jan, 2023


Jimmytheone, thank you for your help . I don’t think its the one but it’s definitely close. Thank you very much

24 Jan, 2023


I will try my guess here. Some kind of cotoneaster? (Lucidus,)??

25 Jan, 2023


Hi Klahanie, Thank you for your suggestion but sadly it's not cotoneaster as my plant doesn't have berries. The flowers are the size of a berry tho. Thank you for help , much appreciated

26 Jan, 2023


I hope that one day you will find out Jay_b1959..... and let us know.

26 Jan, 2023


post a photo next time it flowers as a question and I am sure some of us will be able to identify it.

1 Feb, 2023


Took the words from my keyboard Eileen. I think that is the most likely way to identifying it easily.

1 Feb, 2023


Seaburngirl , Steragram , Klahanie , Jimmytheone
I have added photos of it in flower, luckily it has grown back

30 Jul, 2023

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